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AODA FOODS INTERNATIONAL Ltd. is the premier importer and wholesaler of IQF Food ingredients, canned vegetables and spices, founded in 1997 and located in Mississauga Ontario, Canada.

​We are an ingredient supplier serving the wholesale, industrial and the spice blenders and packagers in Canada. We carefully source manufacturers globally for premium quality goods and reliability of supply. We offer both bulk and food service sized spices in ground or whole as well as dehydrated vegetables.  

​Maoli is our proprietary brand of canned goods. Maoli canned food products are produced and packaged with the highest quality fruits and vegetables available which in turn produce the freshest flavours possible. Maoli canned food products are ideally suited for the restaurant and food service sectors of the food industry.

We would appreciate the opportunity to offer our products to you to further enhance business for our mutual benefit.

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